A series of webinars covering anaesthesia in the commonly seen species in veterinary practice, from mammals, to birds, reptiles and fish. A general exotic animal anaesthesia is included, as well as the basics of capnography. Seven webinars providing approx four hours of CPD. 

Neutering exotic mammals is going to be one of the most common procedures performed by vets in clinical practice. This bundle of webinars will include various ways of neutering different species of exotic mammal, as well as some of the reproductive issues that can result from not neutering them. 7 Webinars provided lasting just over 3hrs

Ferrets are one of the most common species that are presented to clinicians in practice. This selection of webinars, created by a number of experienced presenters, takes the viewer through the basics required to provide ferrets with the best veterinary care. Preventative healthcare, hospitalisation techniques, housing and husbandry, nutrition of ferrets, how to make your practice very friendly, as well as ferret thoracic radiography, hypoglycaemia and lymphoma in ferrets will be discussed. These bundle covers 3 hours of CPD. As always a CPD certificate of completion will be available to down load upon completion. 

Exotic species are being becoming more frequently presented to both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses, with the expectations of owner being incredibly high. The care of these species whilst hospitalised is dramatically different to the requirements of domestic species. These lectures will take you through the best possible ways we can hospitalise these exotic species, basic nursing techniques of small mammals, reptiles, birds and aquatic species, finishing onthe safe anaesthesia of these fantastic species. Run time: 8 webinars lasting 5hrs 43mins

Our Raptor Bundle provides over five hours of bird of prey specific CPD, perfect for vets and nurses working with these amazing species. This content has been created by experts in the field, and will not only cover the essentials or raptor care, which are imperative to understand if we are to appropriately advise our clients, but also common conditions seen in these species, with a special emphasis on pododermatitis (bumble foot). 

The basic fish bundle does exactly what is says on the tin, it covers the basic aspects of fish veterinary care, from the consult to anaesthesia, surgery and patient care, as well as covered two of the most common clinical conditions seen in fresh water fish, buoyancy issues and dropsy. This bundle contains 5 webinars covering 1 hour and 40 mins of CPD. As always a CPD certificate will be available. 

Our basic reptile bundle takes the viewer through the basic essentials all vets and nurses need to know when working with reptiles. This webinar bundle provide six hours of CPD covering the best ways to approach these species, diagnostic sampling, medicating, various common conditions through to appropriate anaesthesia and analgesia. Once purchased and completed, the viewer will get a CPD certificate of completion.  

This bundle is perfect or those wishing to cover the basics of rabbit care in practice. Webinars included are The Rabbit Consult, Gastrointestinal Stasis, The Importance of Vaccinations, Dentistry the Basics, Flystrike, The Senior Rabbit, The Rabbit Friendly Practice, Rabbit Neutering and Common Conditions in Rabbits. All webinars have been created by experienced exotic species vets and nurses. Run time 5hrs 40mins

Chickens will be frequently presented to vets in practice. This webinar bundle covers everything you could possibly need to see you through you chicken consult and your clinical examination. With special attention to the difference between chicken anatomy and physiology in comparison to the more commonly seen companion animals. Chicken zoonotic diseases as well as our backyard chicken essentials webinars will be included. This covers many of the most commonly seen diseases, their diagnosis and treatment. Run time: 2hours 10mins

Exotic species consult can be very different to the consults of cats and dogs, this bundle of webinars from various experienced exotic species will take you through how to perform a suitable consultation in the most common species seen in clinical practice. Run Time: Approx 5hrs