The Approach To The Regurgitating Budgie by exotic species clinician Michael Betts, from Suffolk Exotic Vets provides the viewer with everything they need to know on how to manage this common presentation in clinical practice. The viewer will be taken through the main differentials, essentials in clinical examination and history taking, the ideal approach to working up the case, and treatment options. Run time: 15mins 

The Approach to Aspergillosis in Parrots has been created by exotic species clinician Clarissa Wu and provides a general overview of the diagnosis and treatment of this fungal infection in parrot patients. You will babe taken through general information about aspergillosis infections, classification of the disease,    diagnostic options and how to interpret your results as well as thorough treatment options. Run Time 20mins.

This webinar by Francesco Eco will take you through how to perform the avian consult. From history taking to your clinical examination and appropriate handling of these sometimes fragile species. Run time: 26 mins

This webinar by RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, Sonya Miles, will take you through the most common toxins and poison seen in exotic practice in pet birds. The webinar will take you through the clinical signs, the diagnoses and treatment of the relevant toxins.