Whether you are a vet, falconer, bird of prey owner or any professional working with raptors, understanding the legislation that we must all work within is crucial. This webinar outlines the relevant UK law at the time of creation, and how certain groups must abide by it. Run time = 16 mins 

Coping is the re-shaping the keratin of the beak or talons, is a vital skill for any modern falconer. This webinar will explain why coping is necessary for captive raptors, how to provide an environment that promotes healthy beak growth and some of the techniques behind accurate coping. Run time 23mins

Feather care for Birds of Prey is a crucial to ensure full flight capability and monitor other aspects of general health. This short webinar by Naomi Johns, part of the West of England Falconry Team, will cover the basics of what good and bad feather condition looks like; how to prevent it and what we can do to repair or treat it. Run Time: 18min