The Approach To The Tortoise with Ocular Discharge has been created by exotic species vet Michaela Betts, of Suffolk Exotic Vets. This short and sweet webinar covers a introduction to reptile ophthalmology, potential differentials, the importance of husbandry, diagnostic options and treatment options for various different causes of ocular discharge in tortoises. Run time 17 mins  

Post-hibernation anorexia, is a syndrome that most veterinary practitioners will encounter at some point in their career. This webinar by Sonya Miles, will take you through why post-hibernation anorexia happens, how to ensure your owners avoid it, the suggested diagnostic methods that can be employed to understand what is going on to the fullest extent, as well as what suitable treatment options there are for your patient. Run Time: 18min

The pre-hibernation checks essential for ensuring our tortoise patients have the safest possible hibernation. This webinar by Sonya Miles, is designed to take you through how to take the best possible clinical history, perform a clinical examination, it takes you through the ideal hibernation method and when we need to start worrying about a tortoise post hibernation. You could also check out our Post Hibernation Anorexia webinar, which goes into a lot more depth on post hibernation problems. Run Time: 16min