Aquatic species are presenting more commonly to veterinary practices, and as such it is important to ensure the best possible care for these species if they are hospitalised. This webinar will take you through the transportation, handling, clinical examination, clinical techniques, hospitalisation, nutritional support, anaesthesia and resuscitation of aquatic species such as fish, amphibians and aquatic chelonia. Run time: 1hr 20min

This webinar is an over view of exotic animal anaesthesia covering mammals, reptiles and birds plus a little extra on some of the more exciting species we see. suitable for both vets and nurses. Run time = 47min 

This webinar by Sonya Miles, an RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine and certified aquatic species vet, takes you through an A-Z of exotic pet medicine. Each slide includes a common condition, a headful hint or diagnostic procedure that will hopefully help you with exotic pet medicine in first opinion practice. All species are covered in this webinar, so if you are looking for a source of general exotic pet medicine, this is the webinar for you! Run time = 80mins

Capnography is an essential part of anaesthetic monitoring in exotic species, and is the single most helpful bit of equipment that can be used. This webinar by Sonya Miles, and RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, takes you through the basics of capnography, hopefully allowing you to understand how the machine works, what the capnogram means and therefore allowing you to notice, and understand when things go wrong and how to improve them. Run time: 15min

This webinar by Sonya Miles, covers the initial assessment of of mammals, reptiles, birds and wildlife, when they are presented to the veterinary clinic in a critical condition. How to perform a clinical examination in the various species and how to initially stabilise them. Common emergencies will be briefly discussed. Run time: 27min