In practice it is likely that you will have to deal with injured raptors. Understanding how to examine, treat and house wild birds of prey until a rehabilitator can get to you is crucial for long term rehabilitation. This webinar covers identifying, restraining, examining, giving first aid, housing wild birds of prey and who to contact for the next stage. Run time = 55 mins.


Part 2 of our common conditions in British wild mammal series. This time we are covering some of the more uncommon species including mustelids, otters, deer and seals. It covers the common diseases, the diagnosis and treatment in these fantastic species that many vets and nurses have the privilege of treating. Run Time: 44mins

A variety of wild animals will be brought to veterinary practices, and as vets and nurses, we have a moral obligation to provide care. This webinar will take you through the most common conditions seen in wild British mammals. This webinar is part one of two webinars, this webinar will cover the most commonly seen mammalian species. Run time: 57min

Bats are commonly presented to small animal practices throughout the UK. The short knowledge bite webinar, buy Sonya Miles, an RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, will take you through the basics of hospitalising these unique mammals. Further webinars will soon be available, giving more specifics on bat care. Run time: 14min