Avian anaesthesia and analgesia, by RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, Sonya Miles, takes you through avian respiratory avian anatomy and physiology, how to appropriately hand various avian patients and ensure an anaesthetic is as safe as possible. Pre-medications, induction and maintenance agent options will be covered, as well as how to monitor you anaesthetic safely and get your patient through to the all important recovery. Run time = 52mins

This webinar by Sonya Miles, an RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, will take you through the importance of both a clinical history taking and clinical examination, but also the anatomical and physiological differences seen in chickens in comparison to mammalian species. This webinar, along side our others outlining pathological changes will aim to enlighten the participant to the normal, to allow the abnormal to be recognised and suitably treated. Run time: 40min

A varied, natural and healthy diet is essential for caring for any bird of prey. This webinar by Naomi Johns from the West of England Falconry Centre, will cover the concepts of raptor diets, how falconers feed their raptors, the results of poor feeding, and how to recover a bird of prey in critically low condition. Run time: 62min

Having the correct accommodation provides the foundations for a happy and healthy trained raptor. This webinar will cover some of the most common options for good housing; tailoring housing to a species or individual; housing breeding birds, chicks or injured birds and finally the basics behind constructing or purchasing good housing. Run time: 75min